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Raise Money with Charity Golf Tournaments, Auctions, and Raffles

We are skilled at organizing all types of events, but we especially excel in planning charity golf tournaments. These events are a great way to raise money to assist people in need. If you are looking for other unique types of fundraisers, Exclusive Event Management would love to help!

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Tee Off for a Good Cause

Professional and amateur golfers often host tournaments and dinners to raise money for charity. Let us help make your event a major success based on your needs.

Going, Going, Gone

Have fun and raise a lot of money for a good cause with charity auctions. We set up auctions so that you and others can electronically bid by phone, computers, or tablets on donated items.

A raffle is also an effective way to raise money for charity. Like auctions, people can donate items to be raffled off; and in both cases, 100% of proceeds go to charity.

Tee Off for a Good Cause

Every Exclusive Event Will Receive An Unwavering Commitment To Detail

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Develop your sales team in the game of golf and deliver sales goals for your company.
Custom design sales through golf:

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  • Charitable Fundraising Events
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